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Estimated Shipping Cost :
  • LCL "Less Container Load" minimal 2 cubic meters $600 - $200 per each additional cubic
  • 20ft/30 cubic shipping container approximately $3,900 container = $130 per cubic
  • 40ft/60 cubic shipping container approximately $4,900 container = $90 per cubic
  • 40ft/67 cubic High Cube shipping container approximately $5,400 container = $81 per cubic

Actual shipping cost will vary based on up to date quote to your destination.

Delivery Time :
It will take 8 weeks to complete your order and approximately 30 days for shipping to the US or Europe. It is very simple if you have no experience to import a small 2 cubic meter order up to 15 cubic meters of furniture. Once the order ships we Fedex you the original Bill of Lading, Packing List and Invoice. This gives you 100% ownership of the shipment.

Packing :
All of our Shipments are packed securely before dispatch and should reach you in perfect condition whether you buy one item or a container. Each item is wrapped in a light weight foam cloth, bubble wrap, then a corrugated carton wrap. For LCL shipments we build a framed crate encased in plywood.

Importing :
It is very simple if want you can contact a customs broker near your destination locally to assist but not necesary. They can take care of all the customs documents and even arrange delivery to your door, most are very reasonable. You should be able to locate one in the phone book or by a quick search on Google for "customs broker".

Shipping Options :
We have several options available. The most commonly used ones are LCL 2 cubic meters up to 15 cubic meters, 20' and 40' containers. A container is the best option if you are buying to resell. It will run in the price range of $15,000.00-$35,000.00 based on what products you decide to purchase.
  • LCL Sea Cargo (less than a container - 2 cubic meter minimum)
  • 20' Container (30 cubic meters)
  • 40' Container (60 cubic meters)

Shipping By Sea Cargo :
We have two options: LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) either a 20ft/30cubic or 40ft/60cubic freight container.

Shipping companies here charge by the cubic to ship LCL "Less Container Load" and have a minimum charge of 2 cubic. We charge you at our cost for shipping. Billing for shipping is done after we have packed your order and know exactly how much cubic space is required to ship.

A two cubic crate will cost you for shipping $600 ++you will also need to pay if there is any warehouse, local delivery or tax charges on arrival in the US or Europe. Each additional cubic is $200. The more you buy the less it costs on shipping per item.

This method is recommended for shipments of less than 15 CBM (Cubic Meter). LCL is much more expensive per cubic meter than FCL but is much more reasonable on a small shipment of furniture for personal use. We use a shipping agent here that puts together orders from all over Indonesia. They contract out a 40 ft container then use it to place many smaller orders inside before shipping. Our min shipment is 2 cubic meters but we recommend based on cost that if the shipment exceeds 15 CBM you use

A container 20ft/30cubic or 40ft/60cubic will cost you about $130 per cubic. We ship to an import LCL processing station, see list for USA. If required you will need to pay for import tax, local delivery from the delivery point and customs fees if any.

To calculate a cubic meter just multiply H x W x D. One 2 cubic meter container will only hold 1.75 cubic meters of product due to packing material that we use to ensure the safety of your shipment. This will vary based on what you are purchasing. Many small items take more packing material, where one large item uses more space but requires less packing material per area.

If the order exceeds 15 CBM this is our preferred method of shipping. The order is placed into a huge box car looking metal shipping container all of its own. Each piece of the order is individually packaged. As soon as the order is packed it is then taken to the ship for immediate shipment. This break point in cost will vary based on your final destination.

Documentation :
We deal with all the shipping arrangements and official documentation such as Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice and Packing List. A few days after shipping we send you the official documentation including the Bill of Lading which is the document giving you absolute legal ownership to your goods. The Bill of Lading will show the name of the ship, its destination port and the name, telephone number and address of our local Freight Forwarder (Customs Broker) who will notify you when the goods have arrived at your local port or you can contact them prior to pre-negotiate local delivery.

We pay the packing and loading on our end. You pay the costs of ocean freignt and local delievery on your end. We do not make any profit and try not to lose any money in the shipment of the order. All freight transportation cost, import clearance, applicable duties and local transport at the country of destination. We do our best to get the best rates possible based on your destination.

Our Factory To Your Port Shipping :
If you have no experience at importing our agent at the destination port can usually handle everything by phone. They can clear customs for you and arrange local delivery to your home or business. If you are experienced at importing you can deal with customs clearance and local delivery yourself.

Door to Door Shipping :
We no longer provide door to door from here. The cost drastically exceeds what you would pay if you deal with our agent at the destination port. This is easily handled by phone once the shipment arrives in port. The agent knows everything required to get the shipment to your home.

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